Project Atlas

Sneak Peek Trailer

Become one with the shadows

Experience a combination between Stealth and Shadows like never seen before thanks to the Shadow-Merge mechanic. You will be able to hide from enemies, climb up walls, pass through objects or merge the bodies of the enemies in the deepest shadows.

Breathtaking cyberpunk universe

Discover distopic futuristic planets with a very original setting. The ancient civilizations architecture together with a cyberpunk environment sets the ideal background for you to feel fully merged with your surroundings.

Incredible powers - High tech gadgets

Appart from your incredible shadow powers, there will be sci-fi futuristic gadgets that you will be able to craft, improve and use in your mission.

You choose your way

Avoid or eliminate the enemies. Find your way on the roofs or emerge from the ground as a deadly shadow. Possibilities are endless.

Be a lone wolf... or sneak with a friend

Enjoy this experience on your own or with a friend in a 2 players cooperative mode.

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