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Become one with the shadows

Project Atlas is a 3rd person stealth game where you can become Ayana, a secret agent with ancestral shadow powers in a cyberpunk world.

Defeat Atlas, a powerful energy megacorporation that uses poor people as living batteries to provide energy to the rich. Use your incredible shadow powers and high tech gadgets to sneak into Atlas' power plants by avoiding or killing the dangerous robots that guard them. You are the perfect stealth agent.


Atlas' Fate: Between Light & Darkness

During the last phases of Atlas' Fate: Between Light & Darkness development, we at Baby Robot Games were convinced that the main idea of the game, despite the mistakes made, had a lot of potential. But when we saw the incredible reception the game had, with more than 10.000 downloads and several nominations across the world including an Honorable Mention at the IGF 2019, we knew we had to make a commercial game with that core ideas. So we took all the good things we did, fixed all the mistakes we made and applied for GameBCN, a local incubator programme in Barcelona. We were accepted, so Baby Robot Games adventure started.


In GameBCN we started the development of Project Atlas, but also we learned all the things necessary for making a commercial game that we did not know, especially those related with business, production and marketing. With all the lessons learned from the development of Atlas' Fate, we focused on creating a GDD, production plan, business plan and developing a vertical slice for Gamescom, at the end of the incubation programme. Now, the game features a single level based on a Mesopotamic cyberpunk planet, a full set of Ayana's shadow powers, some or her cool high tech gadgets and one type of enemy. At the moment, we are looking for publishers to fund the development of this oportunity and grow with us during this adventure.


  • Experience stealth + shadows combined together in a way never seen before
  • Discover a unique cyberpunk style, combining ancient architectures with cyberpunk
  • Learn and enhance your incredible shadow powers, craft and improve high tech gadgets
  • Truly organic player path-finding. You choose your way.
  • Enjoy this experience on your own or share it with a friend in a 2 players coop mode.


Project Atlas - Sneak Peek Trailer YouTube


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (6MB)


About Baby Robot Games

Baby Robot Games is an independent game studio based in Barcelona, currently focused in supernatural stealth and adventure games.

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